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Jazz Guitar Journey

Dec 20, 2020

Zaskia and Matt sit down to talk about this day in music history, the importance of being around music at a young age, plans for 2021, and more. There are also 2 special announcements about MWG Scholarships coming up next year. For all your guitar needs, visit MWG Courses

Dec 17, 2020

Multi-talented musician and entrepreneur Bree Noble joins Matt to talk about her journey with podcasting, how the music industry has changed for women in recent years, and her thoughts on how to get started as a musician on today's scene. Check out Bree's FB Page here and the Female Indie Musician Community...

Dec 11, 2020

Matt is joined by Marc Sabatella for a fun and engaging conversation about jazz in Denver, Marc's work with Musescore, his work on the Real Book Vol. 2 and Vol 3, and how he chose the chord changes he did for those standards. Very cool conversation. Check out Marc's site here. And, you can find a free copy of Marc's

Dec 9, 2020

PJG member Chris Bumgardner joins Matt to talk about his first jam session experience, Charlie Parker, and finding time for guitar in 2020. Chris gives poignant advice to anyone thinking about taking the leap into your first jam session. Very cool tips. Check it out, and for all your guitar needs, visit MWG...

Dec 4, 2020

I heard a rumor today that Zaskia's been telling people that she has the best words. So, street rules, I had to challenge her to a duel of the best words musical spelling bee! The tension is palpable, you can taste it in the air in this spelling bee cutting contest based on musical terms. Check it out and for all...