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Jazz Guitar Journey

Aug 31, 2020

Matt breaks down essential techniques and exercises for playing fingerstyle guitar and fingerpicking. Play your favorite fingerstyle songs with ease by working on these fun and creative fingerpicking workouts. Find out more at

Aug 25, 2020

Matt and Zaskia sit down to discuss what's going on with MWG, the world, and in their own lives during the turbulent summer of 2020. Find out more at

Aug 18, 2020

Matt breaks down how pro guitarists create memorable and exciting solos. Dive into essential techniques, concepts, and exercises as you expand your soloing chops on guitar. Find out more at

Aug 11, 2020

Matt pulls back the curtains and shows you the exact soloing techniques used by your favorite guitarists over minor blues tunes. Grab your guitar, crank your amp, and enjoy! Find out more at

Aug 4, 2020

Matt pulls back the curtain on his favorite tips and tricks when soloing and comping in a jazz guitar setting. Learn from Matt's 25 years of jazz gigging and teaching in this must hear podcast. Find out more at