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Jazz Guitar Journey

Nov 25, 2020

In the first Fly on the Wall Practice Session you listen in as I talk about my warm up in today's session. I use this warm up to target a very specific part of the fretboard and two sounds in my soloing over All Blues. Come along as I let you into my practice room, make mistakes, adjust, and move forward. For all your...

Nov 23, 2020

Goa Jazz Academy owner and talented jazz guitarist Karan Khosla joins Matt to talk about the Guitar for Life/Goa Jazz Academy ensemble program. Check out this special edition of the GFL podcast and please visit for more info on Karan's program. 

Nov 21, 2020

Matt and Rich discuss learning more about Pennsylvania voting laws than they ever thought possible. These two avid hockey fans also discuss their favorite teams, then get into how to find a local jazz band to jam with when you're ready. For all your guitar needs, visit

Nov 19, 2020

UK guitarist and teacher Jack Taylor talks about how covid has changed guitar performances and education, the challenge of when to know good enough is good enough in a recording, and the power of three-note triads on the fretboard. Check out Jack's site at and for the best guitar lessons...

Nov 18, 2020

Guitarist and entrepreneur John Shi-Nash joins Matt to talk about his life long guitar journey. How guitar fits into his busy life, his current favorite album, jamming on Summertime and Planet Caravan, and more. Play. Improve. Smile Repeat.