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Guitar, Life, Whatever

Sep 26, 2022

Grab your guitar, because today you’re playing one of my favorite, and one of the most important jazz rhythms, the Charleston.

When comping over jazz standards, you often focus on chords, subs, chromatic chords, etc.


What about rhythms?

Practicing comping rhythms elevates every chord, sub, and chromatic idea you play by locking into the groove of the tune.

In this lesson, you explore the Charleston rhythm in 3 ways.

First, you play it over an Am7 chord vamp.

Next, you play the Charleston over an Am7-D7, ii-V, chord progression.

To finish, you split the Charleston rhythm, so the first attack is on Am7 and the second attack is on D7.

In each exercise, we play the rhythm together, so you get it into your hands & ears.

Then, I walk a bassline and you comp the rhythms to further integrate them into your comping.

Have fun playing the Charleston rhythm in this lesson and over jazz standards in your comping.

Get the TAB and practice tips for this lesson here.


Lesson Content


0:00 – Intro

0:23 – Charleston Am7 Chord

1:17 – Am7 Walking Bass

1:45 – Am7-D7 Chords

2:53 – Am7-D7 Walking Bass

3:35 – Splitting the Chords

4:22 – 2 Beats Per Chord

5:15 – Where to Go Next