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Jazz Guitar Journey

Sep 28, 2022

Grab your guitar because today I’m sharing with you a fun & essential jazz pentatonic scale pattern.


In today’s lesson, you learn how to turn plain ole pentatonic scales into hip sounding jazz lines and solos, no complicated theory.


First, you warm up your ears, hands, & creativity by soloing with Am pentatonic over my jazz blues comping.


Next, you add in the jazz pentatonic scale pattern into a soloing workout before sequencing that pattern through the full-scale shape.


Then, you learn how to displace the rhythm with this jazz pattern so you can use it in your solos and not sound like an exercise.


Lastly, you add in sidestepping to bring a hip, inside-outside sound to your jazz guitar solos.


Have fun as you expand your jazz soloing skill set with a fun & easy to play jazz pentatonic scale pattern.


Get the TAB and practice tips for this lesson here.


Lesson Contents


0:00 Intro

0:25 Jazz Blues Warmup

2:07 Jazz Pentatonic Pattern

5:02 Jazz Pentatonic Sequence

10:10 Jazz Pentatonic Rhythms

12:24 Pentatonic Sidestepping

15:56 Where to go Next