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Jazz Guitar Journey

Oct 17, 2022

Grab your guitar, because today you’re learning 1 easy arpeggio that makes soloing over minor ii-V-I progressions a piece of cake.


When learning jazz guitar, you often spend a ton of time on major ii-V-I soloing devices and concepts.


It’s an easy progression to get started on as you can use the major scale to outline each chord in the beginning. Plus…


There are tons of famous major ii-V-I phrases and licks to learn and add to your jazz guitar solos.




What happens to many of us, myself included when I was first learning, is you nail major ii-V-I lines and then just kind of guess or fumble through minor ii-V-I’s.


Yes, minor ii-V-I’s are tougher to solo over than their major cousin. But…


That doesn’t mean there aren’t shortcuts you can take to solo over minor ii-V-I’s today, sound good, and build a foundation for further study down the road.


In this lesson you do just that.


First, you learn how to play a Cm7b5 arpeggio.


Next, you slide that arpeggio up the neck to solo over F7alt with the exact same shape.


To finish, you slide the shape up again to solo over Bbm7 with a m7b5 arpeggio.


One arpeggio, three chords, endless possibilities.


Oh, and you put a strong focus on developing melodies in your jazz solos as well with these interactive exercises.


Have fun soloing over minor ii-V-I’s in this practice session. And…


Grab the TAB and practice tips for these arpeggios here.




Lesson Contents


0:00 – Intro

1:05 – Cm7b5 Arpeggio

4:24 – F7alt Arpeggio

8:06 – Melodic Development

10:03 – Bbm7 Arpeggio

14:14 – Repetition Exercise

15:28 – Further Study