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Jazz Guitar Journey

Oct 4, 2022

Grab your guitar, because in today’s practice session you’re playing one of my favorite minor ii-V-I chord patterns.


When learning jazz guitar chords, you spend a lot of time on major ii-V-I’s, jazz blues, and other progressions.




What about minor key jazz progressions?


Yes, they can be more challenging than major key ii-V-I’s at first. And…


With some helpful voicings, a fun practice routine, and some reps on your fretboard, you’ll be nailing minor key ii-V-I chords in no time.


In this lesson, you begin by comping some of my favorite minor ii-V-I chord shapes.


Next, you learn how to apply an essential jazz rhythm to those chords, before separating the top note from the chord to sound like 2 guitars.


How cool is that?


Then, you finish by personalizing the chords in your comping as you and I jam together over the minor ii-V-I progression.


Have fun as you learn new chord shapes, build up your minor chord progression skill set, and expand your creative comping vocabulary in this lesson.


Go here to get the TAB and practice tips for this lesson.


Lesson Content


0:00 – Intro

0:48 – Am7b5 Chord Shape

2:10 – D7b9 Chord Shape

3:47 – Gm11 Chord Shape

5:45 – Gm9 Chord Shape

8:15 – Jazz Rhythm Pattern

11:56 – Jazz Picking Pattern

14:59 – ii-V-I Progression